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Hi, friends! Spring is a time of new start, new inspiration and new wardrobe, do you agree? The weather finally allows you to wear everything you want without carring about to be freezing ;)
In this post I will share with you some my spring favorites, will tell what part of my wardrobe I prefer to refresh in this season and will show you some lovely stylish pieces for inspiration...
The main wardrobe piece for me in spring is DRESS. I love dresses, but in winter usually don"t wear them often , not comfy, cold weather and I just don"t have inspiration to be very feminine ;) But in spring the situation is absolutely different. I"m absolutely mad of all of these ruffles, floral prints and this romatic mood and vibes that they create , so surelly will buy some new pieces for special romantic occasions ; ) Colors that I will pay attention are blue , green , nude ...I "ve chosed some of dresses that I like and that are in my wish list , so you can see them in the widget below.
All pics are clickable so you can see them on original sites.

The other part of my wardrobe, that I love to "refresh" in spring and buy some new peces are ACCESSORIES . I don"t like to wear dark shade accessories in spring and winter, no black bags, no dark gray scarves. Prefer more fresh and tender colors , bright or not it depends on the mood and outfit . Sunglasses are must have , light scarves also can be good addition to outfit so I like to have 2-3 variants in my wardrobe . About hats - I"m not a big fan of all kinds of hats , wear them just in cold winter days , but I know a lot of girls who prefer to combine spring outfit with beret ot fedora hat, so I desided to mention this kind of accessories in this post. Here are some lovely pieces that I have chosed for inspire you.

Well , hope you will find some interesting pieces and some inspiration in my post  ;) Wish you wonderful spring days , good shopping and see you soon!

Thank you for your attention !

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