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Hi, friends! Have you even visited bulgarian city Burgas on the Black sea? If not - I offer you a little virtual tour with me , in this post will show you some beautiful places of this city , and some delicious points that are deserve to be visited.

Well, it was 5 days little journey to Burgas - city , where I lived for 5 years , but than decided to move to Serbia for some reasons. This is not big (4th largest city in Bulgaria) but beautiful city , located on the Black sea shore  . As all cities on the sea the rhytm of life in the city is calm during winter, spring and autumn and became absolutely crazy during summer time . Now , in July when we have visited it, the city was full with tourists , so many people on the streets and in restaurants! Surelly the quantity of shops, caffes and restaurants became bigger during summer , owners of such kind of businesses are interested in  foreign visitors.
The most beautiful places you should visit in Burgas are located near the sea : Sea Garden , Beach alley , old city center with streets Bogoridi and Alexandrovska. You surelly will like these cute colored buildings , beautiful architecture , and will be impressed by awesome sea view ! Walking on the beach alley is perfect idea when visiting Burgas. Relax and enjoy!

If you are searching for some places with good food in Burgas - here you have huge amount of cafes and restaurants , from street food and national food to european food. I recommend you to pay your attention for restaurants Rose (Bogoridi street), Neptun (on the beach alley) , Incanto and Ethno (both on Alexandrovska street). They are the best - both quality and service. Anyway there are no chances to stay hungry in Burgas ;) 

Hope, you like this small virtual trip in Burgas and my post was interesting for you! Soon will share with you new awesome destinations! Stay turned ;)

Thank you for your attention!

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