вторник, 16 июня 2020 г.


Hi  friends ! Let's take a rest from beauty themes and talk a little bit about travel :) In this post I will share with you some moments from our recent trip to ancient Nessebar , Bulgaria.

Now we live in Bulgaria, Burgas city and Nessebar is situated in just 30 minutes travel with a car. And this Sunday we spend in this charming place
Nesebar is a small city located on Black Sea coast, has long history, awesome anchient architecture , that are here for centuries . All interesting sight seeings of Nessebar are in Old Town , exactly there - in old city part - you should go if you are a tourist.
Due to the city's abundance of historic buildings, UNESCO came to include Nessebar in it's list of World Heritage Sites in 1983 .
Ancient churches from V century , traditional bulgarian houses, awesome rose bushes - all these you will find in Nessebar , and I'm sure you will be impressed and have a great time here!
Will show you some photos from our walking in Nessebar ...

Besides you are welcome to watch my new YOUTUBE VIDEO from Nessebar , hope you will like it ;)

Thank you for your attention !

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