воскресенье, 23 августа 2020 г.


Hi, friends ! Today I will share with you some moments from our recent trip in some amazing places in Bulgaria - Ropotamo rivet and ancient stone monument Beglik Tas. 

Both of theese attractions are located near to Primorsko city and resort , on the Black Sea coast. 

Ropotamo river and national park are famous places for nature lovers , the most interesting is boat trip on the Ropotamo river . You have chances to see birds like pelicans and herons , that often make their nest near river , besides the whole view from boat remindes me some National Geographic episodes about travelling in the jungles :) That was really spectacular , I recommend you to go on this trip if you will be sowhere nearby. See photos below , besides see video on my YOUTUBE channel abour our travelling in theese places.

Another place that we have visited was ancient stone monument Beglik Tas , that is in top mystic bulgarian attractions! Beglik Tas is unique ancient Thracian sanctuary . It is a complex of very high cliffs groups , each which a different role , served for the ancient Thracian rituals at sunrise. It has extremly long history , the place is with very special energy and will surelly impress everyone ! We had a great pleasure visiting this attraction , see photos below ...

Thank you for your attention ! 

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