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Hi, friends! Today I will show you all lipsticks that I use in the moment and will share with you why I don't want to buy more.

I love lipsticks , don't use lipglosses at all . Lipstick is s perfect texture , stay longer and well pegmented . It immediatelly makes the whole make up more fresh and attractive. For me I understand that I need just 5 colots, that will match my usual make up and enoigh for diversity. Lipsticks have terms of using , around 1.5 years usually, and I never use them after date expired. So I just can not imagine how will I use lipsticks for the end before they will go bad. Ok, now I will show you my little collection , all shadea are very wearable , for every day life , from nude to red shades, pink and berry . All lipsticks I love and like their quality and texture. 

About all of them I already made separate posts ( just berry one is not here in blog) . About MAX FACTOR candy color nude lipstick you can write more Here , absolutely awesome nude color, soft texture , pleasant smell , love it so much and use this lipstick more than another because of universal shade.

Two lipsticks with red shades - L'oreal (read post Here) and travel size Burberry ( see details Here in my post) are a little bit different, love them both. Burberry is classic red, chic rich  color . And L'Oreal has more berry shade on the lips , very interesting color in reality. Quality of both of them are great , and pigmentation is perfect !

Simple pink vibrant color of Givenchy is good for every day make up, it makes look fresher . It has more matt finish that I would like to have but as a whole the lipstick is good , stay long on the lips. You can read my post about it Here

The last one is this deep berry color lipstick from L'Oreal , it looks not so dark on the lips. For autumn and winter time this is perfect shade , looks chic ! Perfect pigmentation , rich color and soft texture.

For now , these 5 lipsticks are absolutely enough for me, for all seasons and all make ups. Sometimes I use only lip balm and nothing else. 

Hope the post was interesting for you.

Thank you for your attention ! 

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