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Hi, friends! In this post I will share with you some moments of your recent journey to ancient bulgarian city Bansko and Pirin mountains . 

It was family journey for 4 days , we decided to see one of beautiful small ancient bulgarian cities together with mountain trip , wanted to enjoy nature and authentic architecture. And city Bansko , surrounded by mountain Pirin , was perfect for our purpose. 

Bansko town has long history , city center looks amazing because of saved ancient style of buildings and houses , this is a place with unique atmosphere !  Besides , as Bansko surrounded by Pirin Mountains , there are gorgeous mountain views from almost every place in the city . Fresh air , mild climat , authentic architecture and lovely atmosphere - all this you can find in Bansko. Nowdays Bansko is famous ski resort , a lot of foreigners choose Bansko for their winter vacation . A lot of nation and international alpine skiing competitions take place here in the winter .

With ski lifts (all year round) you can clibe the Pirin mountains and enjoy the panoramic views , forest and fresh mountain air on the high 1600 m. See my photos below and also small video in my Youtube channel . 

Near to Bansko is situated one unique place, which I recommend you to visit - DANCING BEARS PARK . This is a rehabilitation place for resqued bears, created with Four Paws foundation of Brigitte Bardot . In the moment there are around 20 bears in the park. We had unique possibility to see bears in their natural surrounding , and it was amazing . 

It was amazing journey , Bansko stolen our hearts, absolutely amazing place where you feel calm and peace. For sure, will be back there , and not for once. 

Thank you for your attention !

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