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Hi, friends! In this post I will share with you my impressions  about new fragrance by Mugler Angel Nova .

As you know, legendary perfume Angel by Mugler have a lot versions like Angel Muse, Angel Eau Croisiere, Angel Eau Sucree etc. This year was launched new member of Angel "family" , called ANGEL  NOVA

The bottle of perfume is absolutely beautiful! It looks like classic Angel , but has gorgeous fuchsia color . 

Perfume was created by Quentin Bisch , Sonia Constant and Louise Turner. Top notes are raspberry and litchi , Middle note is damask rose , Base notes are akigalawood and benzoin...

I have for now two origin samples of this perfume, and already tested it for 3 days. First I would like to say, that perfume had extremly strong longevity , so one spray is absolutely enough to feel fragrance for 6-7 hours minimum, the sillage is strong even from one  spray. To be honest, I can not imagine how many years you can use 50 ml of this perfume... 

About smell : this is really like space fruits  , raspberry is strong but this is absolutely not like commkn frutty fragrances. This is like smoky fruity smell or smell of alcoholic red berries drink ...Akigalawood gives picant and sharp accents. The main notes that I can smell in perfume are raspberry, litchi and akigalawood, I don't smell rose at all. The perfume is not sweet at all , in the difference from original Angel. 

Angel Nova for me is complex, picant, sharp , woody smell. This is more niche quality than luxe. I really like it, this is strange and not every day/ not every ocasion perfume , but it has character, individuality and their secrets, as almost all perfumes from Mugler. Happy to have it in my collection ! ;)

Thank you for your attention ! 

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