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EN: Hi, friends! Today we will talk about fashion trends of 2017 , and also I have selected some interesting trendy pieces from young designers. Let's start with trends! There are quite plenty of them created for us from designers and trendsetters, but I would like to specify just a part of them - thoose, that I like most of all.
Here they are :

Pantone selected colors : greenery , pale dogwood, hazelnut , kale ...I suppose all of them are adorable and can be easy used in your everyday outfits (I especially love ''kale'' and '''hazelnut'' ...)

colored stripes - yes, exactly colored stripes, not black and white standart ones.

metal colors - silver, gold, bronze...use them in your outfits and you will be in trend!

ruffles - so romantic and feminine...

velvet - it's still in trend, and that's great I suppose ;)

flats + big shopper bags - the comfort pieces are in trend, and I'm happy about it. Heels are cool, but if we talk about everyday real life...so flats and shopper bags are your best friends ;)

And now let's see some trendy pieces that I have selected. If you still don't know about new great project STYLEWE , the place where young independent designers were gathered all over the world to sell their creations and you can buy them - I'm glad to present it to you. Some my favorite clothes (according trends we have discussed) I'm gona show you below ... The link are active so click to see more...



And just for fun see these PIN UP hairstyle -  vintage style and so beautiful, instructions with pics how to make hairstyle. That's really interesting ;)

That's all for today, thank you for your attention and time! See you soon!


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