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Hi, friends! As you know tomorrow will be a great event for all shopping lovers , especially online shopping lovers like me - BLACK FRIDAY! Great sales, offers and promo codes on sites will let you posibiluty to save some money and buy your dream finds a little bit cheaper. Ok , let's see what and where we can find attractive offers. On ASOS there will be 20% sales for huge amount of clothes and accessories , you should use code WIN20 to get discount. On Shopbop with code MORE17 you can get 20% , 25% or 30% depends on your order price (start from 200$)Great news for lovers for high branded clothes and accessories : Net-a-Porter also will have up to 50% sale for big amout of stocks, don't miss it if you have some extra money and ready to buy something special and expensive ;)For budget shopping - Shein offers 10$ off , 15$ off and 30$ off  for the orders from 79$ . 

What about me - I'm not ready to spend a lot of money at the moment , so mostly will find some interesting pieces on Asos , something that I really need and why not to buy it now with some %. Will show you some of my wish lists , for clothes , accessoies and beauty.
By the way, it's a good idea to search some finds that you would like to buy today, add them to favorites, think about them one day - to be sure that you really need it, and than tomorrow on Black Friday you will already sure what to buy and not to buy.
Don't forget- % are great  but reasonable shopping should always be your aim , don't just waist your money because of some marketing tricks!  ;)
And now see my favorites , ALL PICS ARE CLICKABLE so you can see them on original site.

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