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Hi , friends! Happy to see you again in my blog! And today we will talk about gift ideas for Christmas and New Year! I know that it's just 5th of December today , but I decided to make this post exactly a little bit early so you will have enough time to inspira, think and order/purchase something that you will like and want to present to your friends, husband, wife , parents etc.And my GIFT GUIDE will consists of two parts - first part with gift ideas for woman (wife, friend , sister, colleague) and neutral gifts that can fits anyone. And in second part , that I will post nearest days , you will find gift ideas for man (husband, boyfriend , father, brother etc.). 
So, let's start with gift ideas for woman.   The ideas that I will show you below are from different categories : from beauty to tech , so I suppose everyone will find something interesting . What I think can be best ideas for gifts for mom, wife, friend , sister and etc. ? Well, something from ''beauty'' can be classic good idea - from some pretty gift set to hand cream in beautiful package (everyone need hand cream, yes?) , it even can be lipsticks or eye shades palette but in this case pay attention to colors - better to choose some nude, natural , brown shades colors, so they can fit every girl/woman. Or something more practical , to use every day - for example beauty organiser where she can save cosmetics! From different spheres - something neutral from jewelry! Some delicate necklace , or it can be jewelry box for saving jewelry . Warm scarf? Yes! Especially if it will be cashmere scarf it will be great gift! Want to present something more original and usefull ? Ok, what about smartphone projector that can allow to make something like home cinema ! Or modern headphones - there are a lot of cool models now in market.

See finds that I've chosen for you , to inspire you , all PICS ARE CLICKABLE so you can see them on original sites.

And now let's talk a little bit about some neutral gifts , something useful , pretty , mostly for home. For example it can be beautiful christmas tree decoration. And every time (every year) when this person will put it on christmas tree she/he will think about you. Beautiful photo frame , or money box - there are a lot of cute and stylish finds in internet for reasonable price. Warm and cosy home slippers - what a great gift! Cups and mugs with funny words on it or some cute models that will be useful and improve mood every time this person use it. There are a lot of ideas , see what I offer you below. 

Thank you for your attention! 

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