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 Hi, everyone! Today will continue to share with you my GIFT IDEAS , first part you can see HERE (it was post with gift ideas for woman and neutral gifts) . And today let's talk about what we can present to man - father, husband, brother, boyfriend , college , etc... I thought a lot and decided to include in gift guide presents from different cathegories : from tech to fashion. As all people are different with different preferences , so one will be happy to get funny cosy jumper , and other will be mad about some tech things. I'm sure you know what can be interested and useful for the person you plan to make gift and will choose in right way. As you can see below I uncluded a lot of different things : cosy jumper and scarf , belt also can be good present I suppose but in my mind it's better to choose something more casual - so the person who get it will have more chances to include in his casul outfits and wear it every day. Some chic box with colorful socks also can be pleasant gift. As we talk about tech  - well, high quality headphones or iphone printer (see pic below) are cool presents. 
By the way , when you see in my widget that something is sold out , it doesn't matter as I gathered these pics to inspire you , I don't insist you buy exactly these things. Well , all PICS ARE CLICKABLE, so you can see them on original sites as always. Hope with my little help you will find a lot of good presents ;)

Thank you for your attention! 


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