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Hi , friends! Today let's talk about fashion trends of the season Spring-Summer 2018 . I will show you examples for each trend from fashion shows , than I will illustrate in my Polyvore sets how we can wear these trendy pieces in daily life , and the last part will be widget with real clothes from online shops . Are you ready? Than let's start!

There was quite big amount of trends in fashion shows , but I will not show you all (as some of them are quite extravagant and not really wearable in real life) , just will pay attention for the most appropriate for daily life , trends that we easily can be adopted to our everyday outfits.

PASTEL , especially LAVANDER and PINK shades. Pastel colors are in trend again , designers mostly prefered lavander color and pink   - even total pink outfit will be on top. You can see this fashion idea on fashion shows by Valentino , Joseph , Versace ...I adore pastel shades and will wear them again with pleasure!

AFRICA ! African vibes , big prints , huge accessories - all these were show as trends by Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney . For exotic lovers...

LOGO MANIA . It's not the first season this trend can be seen on runways  . Why not? If you like this idea you can always find something from mass market , not necessary to buy Gucci t-shirt for 300 $ ...

TOTAL DENIM . Again in trends , mostly shown by Versace, Moschino , Dior...

CHECK PRINT.  Timeless trend. You can see lots of this print in collection of Hermes , Mui Mui and Fendi .

DIAGONAL STRIPES . Looks interesting ...This trend was shown by Kenzo , Miu Miu , Celine.

To illustrate how some of these trendy pieces can be adopted to real life , I made sets in Polyvore . Let's see my suggestions of how to wear it .

And finally widget with real pieces form online shops . Trendy , but appropriate for everyday outfits , hope you will find here something interesting at least for your inspiration . All pics are CLICKABLE.

Thank you for your attention!

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