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Hi, friends! Today will share with you my latest purchases online from ASOS and one piece from offline H&M shop. As you know there were big discounts during January , if you still had some money after Christmas and New Year you got chance to buy something on very pleasant prices ;) By the way , exactly this period - January - is the best sale period (not Black Friday , this is more marketing trick) because shops , both offline and online , want to cleare their stock before getting new collection. The only problem are sizes . If you , like me, have most popular size like UK10 and S-M it is not so easy to find cool pieces with cool discounts during sales :) But it's  still possible. Mosty I was looking for some casual things like long sleeve tops , and find what I wanted and I 'm very satisfied with my new wardrobe friends :) Let's start to see my purchases.

First one is classic striped top , that is extremly easy in combination and absolutely must have , as I suppose. This one from New Look from ASOS , I like how it fits , and also this is 100% organic cotton for a very good price. Will wear it with pleasure during spring, summer and autumn...

The next one is sweater from H&M, bought it here in Belgrade. Like this color , the form is also interesting - it's a little bit spacious with wide sleeves. It has not just polyester, but a little percent of wool as well. To be honest I'm not a big fan of H&M , but I heard that their sweaters are of quite good quality . Well, will see if it's true...

This red - bordeaux long sleeve top from ESPRIT from ASOS  looks to be cool casual piece , that I will wear a lot while walking with child. Besides it's 100% cotton and a price with discount was great.

Maybe the most adorable piece from all my purchases is this fuchsia 100% CASHMERE scarf ! Love it , the color , cashmere , everything! I've already wore it for one month , it's very soft and warm. Interesting is that I found it in....Men's Accessories on Asos. And the discount price was incredible , something like from 140$ to 35$ , I just can't believe that I saw it. Surelly Asos has already has lost hope to sell it to any man because of this specific color :) I just can't imagine another reason ;) And here is one shoppig tip that I want to share with you - don't hesitate to waist a little time for checking men's cathegory , as there is a chance to find something interesting (for example, before some time I found adorable pastel pink sweathirt in men's clothing on Asos ) for a little bit lower price than in Woman's cathegory .

I also bought one common black t-shirt . There is no what to explain , this is just must have , and I like Asos t-shirts - mostly they are quite cheap but good quality. I don't see the sence to buy expensive branded t-shirts as these cotton pieces anyway will loose their condition very fast , this is one season piece. At least this is my opinion and my experience .

And the last purchase is pair of ankle boots . I had one velvet pair , you surelly saw them in lots of my outfits , but I needed to change them already and I've chosen this pair from Truffle Collection. Bought this brand for the first time from Asos , for now it looks perfect and comfy , but it's too cold outside for theese shoes so will see them in spring and than will have some opinion if it was good purchase (and I hope it is) .

That's all for today . I created widget with some interesting pieces with pleasant prices from Asos , may be it will usefull for you to have a look on them , all PICS ARE CLICKABLE as always . And will see you soo in next posts ;)

Thank you for your attention!

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