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Hi, friends ! If you plan to visit Serbia but don"t know what places deserves your attention besides Belgrade and Novi Sad , I strongly recommend you make a trip in the countryside of this amazing country , with beautiful nature and wonderful sightseeings. One of the most famous place for health tourism is Zlatibor , which is situated in western part of the country. Zlatibor (meaning "golden pine") is a mountain resort , at 1,000 meters above sea level, with mild climate , healthy fresh air and water containing minerals . Zlatibor is well known for sport and rural tourism, but it is a particularly attractive medical tourism destination.

This travel in Zlatibor in March 2018 became our second time in this place . The first one was in the summer 2017 , when we run away here from awfully hot weather in Belgrade.
In both these trips we prefer Hotel Olimp , not cheap but this is a hotel with a great location , modern interior , friendly staff and good service , besides in the price are included SPA zone (the amazing one) and awesome breakfast . But anyway there are a lot of different accomodations in Zlatibor - from hotels to apartments , so everyone can chose something according budget.
To reach Zlatibor you need to go by train from Belgrade to Uzice (small city) and than with a taxi to Zlatibor for 15-20 minutes.
We were here for 3 days , and it was a time of "reboot", long walking  , relaaxing ...Besides there is a wonderful Dino avantura park , where you can see real size dinosaurs models on the open space , that making sounds and looking really cool! Gorgeous place that I strongly recommend to visit. Unfortunatelly I didn"t make photos in this park , but will share with you some other photos from our trip , enjoy ;)

Thank you for your attention! 


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