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Hi, friends! As summer and first mont of autumn are time for mostly weddings , today in this post you will find interesting information about wedding fashion, trends, and a lot of photos wwith gorgeous bride dresses.

Well, traditionally summer and September are the most popular monts for weddings accordings stats. I suppose this is because of a weather , but surelly every couple have their own motives ;) In wedding fashion there are plenty quantity of models of bride"s dresses , and a little bit later I will show you gorgeous dresses and give information about where they can be puchased. And for now - some interested facts about wedding fashion. Did you know that wedding dresses not always were white or ivory shades? This trend can be traced back to Queen Victoria , who wore a white gown when she married Prince Albert in 1840s. It was extremly important moment in the history of royal weddings, though Victoria"s choice of a white dress was frowned upon by English aristocrats because white traditionally symbolized mourning. Royal wedding gowns were typically red at the time. In the years after the royal wedding , the shock of Victoria"s ivory gown wore off , and white wedding dresses became fashionable.

Today you can find thousands of models of wedding dresses everywhere , but maybe not all of you know about cool online place with huge amount of gorgeous wedding dresses , with high quality, reasonable price and good service. Visit  newarrivaldress.com  , place where you can find unique wedding dresses - every model that you just can imagine : plain or chic , sleeveless or with long sleeve , with lace or emboired details . Different silhouettes from A-line to mermaid or ball dress. And all these awesome photos with dresses with give pleasant impressions for all esthetes.
Prices are absolutely adecvate, you can buy discount wedding dresses without loosing in quality , besides different sale offers appear all year round. And now let"s take a look at dresses, I "ve chosen in order to see wedding fashion trends 2018 and maybe find your dream-wedding dress ;) 

And some colored models - if you prefer something different from traditional white/ivory wedding dresses .

Thank you for your attention!

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