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WHAT IS IN MY BAG ? little secrets

Hi, everyone! For this post I was inspired by a lot of YOUTUBE videos of bloggers and celebrities  where they show what they hold in their  bags in everyday life. Especially I loved such kids of videos on Vogue Youtube channel. And I decided to make the same thing and in this post I will show you what I ususally have in my bag .

As I mentioned before , I prefer shopper bags , as there are always a lot of things I need to have with me during a day when I"m outdoor . Let" start with the most common and necessary things - wallet and keys . I like small wallets  and funny key charms ;) This lovely unicorn  key charm was from H&M for example.

Next pieces will be mirror and hair brush . I love this small elegant looking mirror in velvet cover from Chanel beauty collection , so lovely and chic  . And this hair brush from L"OREAL is ideal for caring in a bag or for travelling. As you can see it has such kind of cover so can not be broken . This brush is  a very useful thing, besides looks stylish and don"t take a lot of place in bag.

I love to wear sunglasses and they are always in my bag (maybe except winter time) . For now my favorite is this cat eye sunglasses with brown lences from MANGO new collection , they are elegant and feets every outfit.

I always have hand cream in my bag , as I hate dry skin and want my hands look good all day long. I usually buy any 30 ml cream from DM shops , like this on on the photo from Balea or any other. Love especially this format - 30 ml - as this is perfect for handing in a bag.
Another extremly important thing for me (and all who has oily or combination skin) is oil blotting paper! I use this one from korean brand The Face Shop , but a lot of another brands have this beauty product in their collection.
Common paper tissues  and some jelly hair coils also should be inside bag. Love these jelly coils , look pretty and can be used both for my hair as well as for my daughter hair, they fix good.


As we talked about hand care we should not forget about lip care. I can use lip balm a lot of time during a day as I like my lips be soft and hydratated. For now I prefer this LipGuard from Bulgarian brand , it contains only natural ingredients and is perfect for me. 

Lipstick is not so necessary as lip balm , but why not. If I have one in bag than it is usually this nude color lipstick from korean (and my favorite!) brand Missha.

And the last thing is perfume. Why not to hold tester or miniature with you ? I usually have something of that , for example tester from Mon Guerlain or miniature from Prada (adore this Candy Florale perfume) . As I love smelles good anytime , refreshing of perfume during a day gives me positive emotions , so I think this is a good idea.

Well , it was all for today, I shared with you some of my little secrets , hope it was interesting. See you in new posts.

Thank you for your attention! 

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