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Hello to all perfume lovers! This is a post for you ;) I will share with you my impressions of three new perfumes , that I have in my collection in a form of original samples . Will talk about Mon Paris YSL , Amouage Blossom Love and Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche...

Let"s start with  YSL  MON PARIS Eau de Parfum  . First of all I would like to say, that YSL is one of the brand , that I love a lot and pay my attention to all of their fragrances - old and new. I like their style and their high quality , never smells "cheap" , never too simple (sorry , but I think this is the problem of a lot of luxe perfume brands , that"s why I have only 3-4 luxe favorite  brands ,  about rest  -  I even don"t have interst to try their new fragrant creations).  For this fragrance - MON PARIS - reviews on fragrantica.com are totally different , for some people this is extremly unpleasant chemical scent, for another - joyful, yummy scent of berries . I have 3 original samples so I had enough time to try this perfume and to make my opinion. Well, I love it ;) For me this is awesome smell of strawberry, smoky patchouli and floral notes , a little bit sweet ...This fragrance makes me feel awesome, makes me smile and in a good mood, this is not simple berry smell, Mon Paris has it"s own style and character , it transforms on the skin during a day , longevity and sillage are moderate , I usually refresh this scent  after 4-5 hours . In my opinion this is awesome choice for all situations - from romantic date to family time with a child , in daytime or in the evening , you will get compliments , believe me ;)

Another one is from one of the most famous and expensive perfume brand  AMOUAGE  BLOSSOM  LOVE : I love to buy this 2 ml original samples , already had MEMOIR Woman fargrance (you can read about my impression HERE) and JOURNEY Woman. Amouage is niche perfume , the longevity and sillage are very strong , so believe me you will use this 2 ml for a quite long time (I usually use it 3 months , but surelly not every day as I have quite big collection). The main notes of BLOSSOM LOVE that I smell are  amaretto, cherry blossom and some powdery notes (maybe it gives combination suede + tonka bean). To be honest it takes time for me to understand this fragrance ...first time it seems to me like a mess of very sweet notes...but as for all Amouage fragrances if you really want to see the whole beauty of the perfume you should  make more atempts . Amouage is not for everyone, this is true , but not because of extremly high price , but because their perfumes are complicated , created of huge amount of notes , sometimes strange combination of notes , and for people who needs just some pleasant inoffensive smell this brand can be unappropriate. We all are different and unique , so we choose different things.  But I love Amouage and gave to Blossom Love some more time to became my new "fragrant friend" .  Now I feel delicate , very feminine and pleasant sweet smell , that creates unique atmosphere , it makes me calm and confident , and I smell it all day long from my skin (after 2-3 sprays) like a fragrant veil...Good choice for spring-autimn-winter seasons.

And the last one for today is CHANEL  CHANCE EAU FRAICHE : I now that this seria of Chanel Chance are extremly famous , and I have no idea why I did not try it before ;) From all Chances : Chance Eau de Perfum  , Chance Eau Tendre , Chance Eau Vive , I have chosen CHANCE EAU FRAICHE , as I was searching for some fresh , clean and classic smell for spring-summer season. And all this I found in this Chanel fragrance. Love it! Absolutely awesome citrus and woody smell , perfect combination of Lemon , cedar and vetiver notes . Someone write in reviews that it has smell of mens aftershave , I agree , maybe a little bit , but this is not a disadvantage , it makes perfume very interesting and unique. Sparkling , playful and gentle fragrance !

Thank you for your attention !

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