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Hi,friends! What is the difference between beauty routine products in summer and beauty products in other seasons? When it"s hot outside we prefer light textures , non sticky , something that will will hydrates skin but doesn"t make it oily. So today I would like to share with you two of my favorite summer skin routine products , that are so light and liquid , but make their job perfect .

I would like to start with HYALURONIC ACID  HYDRA POWER ESSENCE from COSRX korean brand. I love this beauty brand , all of their products are cool, and this one is not an exception . Formulated with only 7 ingredients (incl. two forms of hyaluronic acid), this essence goes work to soothe , calm , and comfort skin . It has liquid gel - watery texture , and absorbs quickly with no greasy after feel.  I adore this essence! My skin looks more healthy and hydrated after apply . This essence is good for all skin types , even for sensitive skin . One pump is enough for my skin , plus one pump for neck and decolte area , so the product will long lasts (the bottle is 100 ml). I use it twice a day on clean skin , along , without  daily cream and this is enough for summer . In winter / autumn seasons it would be good step before using moisturizing cream - first essence than cream . essenceHighly recommend this product , as well as this brand!

The other beauty product is  MOJITO  LEMON WATER  MIST from THE SAEM korean brand. Well, usually in summer I used thermal water from La Roche Posay or Avene, but this time decided to try something new, like this mist , as I heard good things about korean beauty mists. This Mojito line of products (there are 3 types :lemon, grapefruit and lime) protect skin from heat , excessive oil and dryness . Mist contains premium French carbonated water Hydroxydase (the word"s highly - valued natural carbonatd water ), natural cooler  Erythritol  and lemon water.
Erythritol is a natural moisturizing and cooling agent produced by fermenting corn with years .  It is used in candy, chewing gum etc. to absorb heat and provide a cooling feeling. This effective cooling agent also provides excellent moisturizing effect when applied to the skin. By absorbing skin heat and cooling skin , it shrinks the pores and leaves the skin young and healthy.

When I apply it , I feel light lemon smell . This mist really refresh skin well, makes it soft and glowy . Two sprays of this and your full face is covered by mist. And this beauty product not only provides moisture but also a sebum control. Besides this is on-to-go type of product and the bottle is easy to hold in a bag, so you can apply it during a day as needed. Mist is in a small cute yellow bottle , volume 100 ml. I plan to use it all summer , as I"m very satisfied with the effect of this mist , and I recommend you to try this beauty products ;)

Thank you for your attention!

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