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GOLDEN ROSE WOW! NAIL POLISH : My review , shades 12, 53 and 63 ...


Hi, everyone! In this post I will share with you my impressions about Golden Rose nail polish from "Wow collection " , I have 3 shades and already tested all of them.

Well, firstly I would like to say some words about Golden Rose brand. I saw their corner  and their production in Lilly drogerie stores, I knew that they have a lot of different beauty products from lipsticks to nail polishes , but I didn"t pay attention and thought that it would be something cheap and poor quality. But sometime ago I started to notice that quite a lot of beauty bloggers (that I watch at Youtube) talk positie things about Golden Rose, and heard that the brand made a rebranding and "refresh" their manufacture . And I decided why not to test some of their products , as I know a lot of examples when mass market beauty products have similar quality like lux products  (like Catrice, MaxFactor etc.). So I have chosen one nail polish first , but later when I covered my nails and saw how it looks I came back to the store and buy two more shades ;)

Golden Rose WOW Nail color packed in small cute bottles 6 ml volume. Besides they look extremly pretty, this quite small volume is a big advantage in my mind as I"m sure that I will finish the bottle before nail polish became dry ( I have this problem very often). Because of the small volume and low price , you can buy more colors and diversify your manicure more often.

The shades I have are : 12 (light pink with lilac tone) , 53 (classic red) and  63 (cherry color) . I love them all , but  more often use red and cherry colors as I used to wear dark nail polish , not nude. But this 12 shade (pink) looks very tender and feminine , I"m sure for summer I will apply it often.

I like the texture of these nail polishes - this is liquide enough for easy applying . And nail polishes are really long lasting - I always use top coat , but comparing with some other nail polishes that I used before (also with top coat) these 3 from Golden rose stay on my nails longer . I do a lot of home work , so I don"t have big expectations from my manicure, and 3 days of quite fresh looking polished nails is great result for me.

Also applicator is very comfy and makes a process very easy, I usually make 2 layers coverage.
After tested nail polishes I decided to find reviews in internet (I still don"t know why I did not do it before purchase :) and I saw that I"m not the only one who loves this products from Golden Rose.

So, if you are looking for nail polishes of really good quality and various of colors I strongly recommend you to pay attention to these cute little Wow bottles of Golden Rose, I think (and hope) that you will not be dissappointed.

Thank you for your attention!

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