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Hi, friends ! Today will be post from seria "How to spend less for shopping" , this kind of posts is one of the most popular in my blog  , so I decided make one more especially for summer season . In this post you will see similar lux/budget jewelry , dresses and bags (I decided to discuss this 3 groups today) . Just would like to remind you that all pieces are real and can be find online , you can click on brand and prices and will be moved to original stores. This is not advertisement , this is my real choice.

Let"s talk about JEWELRY  first , ok? The main trends in jewelry for this season are : shells , pearls and coins . I like mostly earrings with pearls and  necklaces with coins . I was looking for these trendy jewelry in both lux and mas market segments and here they are :

Earrings with pearls 

          ALIGHIERI earrings (Net-a-Porter) £179.17                                    H&M  earrings  9 $

Bracelet  with shells 

                     TOHUM bracelet (Net-a-Porter) £146                         H&M bracelet   9 $

Necklace  with coins 

ALIGHIERI necklace (Net-a-Porter) £170.83                      Liars&Lovers necklace (ASOS) €9.68

I can not imagine my summer wardrobe without DRESSES  . I think they are the most appropriate kind of clothes for hot days, and surelly, the most feminine. There are huge amount of models of dresses that you can find in shops/online shops , from mini to maxi , various colors and prints . Let"s see some of them (and yes , wrap dresses are my favorite :) .

Mini Dresses

       LUISAVIAROMA wrap  dress  € 161.00                  SHEIN wrap mini dress  22 $

Midi Dresses

    ESTEBAN Cortazar dress £175.00           SHEIN midi dress 19 $

Maxi Dresses

      Mara Hoffman off shoulder dress  £462.50                           ASOS off shoulder dress €35.25

Colorblock one shoulder maxi dresses

       MIGUELINA dress (Net-a-Porter)  £516.67                            ASOS DESIGN dress €76.04

And also we will talk today about BAGS . All these straw bags, beach bags and similar kinds of accessories that are stil very trendy but have crazy prices in lux segment - we can easily find similar looking bags for low budhet. Such bags are not timeless models , so is it reasonable to waist a lot of money buying famouse designer accessories ? I"m not sure...Here are my choice ...

           LOEWE shoulder bag (Net-a-Porter)  £329                           SHEIN straw bag  $ 19

LOVESHACKFANCY crocheted tote bag (Net-a-Porter) £287.50        SHEIN tote bag $ 16

 I even have found for you similar bag for famouse Staud bucket bag , that is a must have for all fashionistas! If you want to know my opinion - I don"t like this bag at all, but this post is not about my style but about trends and shopping with different budget.And here it is...

           STAUD bucket bag  £ 129.60 with sale                                 SHEIN  Woven Tote bag  $18
SO, it is all for today , I really hope this post was helpfull for you and full of usefull information ! Surelly will make such kinds of posts in the future.
Thank you for your attention!

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