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SHOPPING WITH LOW BUDGET : Where to find fashionable clothes online...

Hi, friends! Today we will continue to talk about online shopping and discover new fashion place where to buy trendy and cheap clothes and accessories.

Well, now in the middle of summer we can enjoy sales for seasonal collection as well already think about our autumn wardrobe . Everyone love to refresh wardrobe , but when it"s became possible with less money losses it is absolute happiness , do you agree? :)  I understand that not all of you likes internet shopping , because someone hesitates about size and would like to see clothes in reality. But at the same time  if , for example, in your city there are small choice of brands , you don"t like the assortiment of  shops, prices are unreasonably high , or maybe you are a mom and have no free time to go on shopping , than  maybe online shopping is a decision. Besides when you choose something online it"s not necessary to make decision to buy/not buy immediatelly , you can firstly add the pieces you like to wish list and than think one or some days do you really need this in your wardobe. This is one of the main advantages of online shopping , which can help you to save your money ;) u the way in one of my next posts I plan to write usefull rules and tricks of online shopping , using my own big experience.
Today I will share with you the place where you can find elegant and fashionable clothes and shoes on reasonable prices . This is online fashion shop BerryLook , that has a wide range of cute dresses , knitwear , accessories and shoes for women. Besides there is free shipping on orders over 69$ .
Here I will show you some dresses that I love the most. Aren"t they stylish and awesome ?

Also in BerryLook shop you can find cheap shoes of different style , from elegant to sporty . I most like these models ...

Hope this post was interesting for you ! Have a nice shopping and see you in next posts!

Thank you for your attention!

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