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Hi, everyone! Summer is a time of parties on open terraces and weddings , do you agree? And for every such event we need to have appropriate look , and dresses as I suppose will be the perfect choice. Today I will share with you some dresses from my wish list and the place where you can buy them online.

As I saide earlier , I think beautiful dress is the easiest way to look gorgeous , you don"t need these hard combination of skirts, tops, blouses etc. You just should find your dream dress and choice elegant heels (beige classic model , for example , will fit all your summer looks) .
And when we talk about dresses , the main part is to find right silhouette for your figure type . Pencil dress , A-line dress , short sleeve or sleveless , midi or mini lengh - all depends on your figure . Besides such details like lace , tule skirt , off-shoulder or one -shoulder can make your look incredible and attract attention to all guests of event to you ;)
All this variety of gorgeous dresses for special events I found on online site 27dress , where everyone can find their dream dress to be a queen of the evening. By the way , they ship worldwide.
As for me, I prefer pastel color (tender light pink , blue, yellow ) dresses of mini lengh , with lace or sequine details , with V-neck or off-shoulder . I think they fit me the most . I would like to show you some cute homecoming dresses from my WISH LIST from this site ...Just look how gorgeous they are ....

Check the site 27dress to see more wonderful dresses , they have a great choice. Hope this post was useful for you and you got some inspiration ;)

Thank you for your attention !

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