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Hi, everyone ! In this post I will talk about wedding dresses fashion , share some interesting facts and wedding dresses inspiration ideas.

It"s not a secret that mostly pairs prefer to celebrate their wedding in summer : the weather is good , you don"t need coats or jackets in addition to bridal dress and groom suit, you have bigger choice of open terraces with a view for celebration and one hundred reasons more. By the way , my both weddings were in autumn , not in summer ;) but maybe third lucky try I would make exactly in summer season :))

That"s why summer is excellant time to make posts about wedding dresses and fashion, I suppose. I would like to share with you some interesting statistics about this theme that I found in internet ...
Did you know that :

21%  of brides plan to wear a second dress

14%  of brides show the groom their dress before the wedding

66%  of brides  want their bridesmaids to wear mathing dresses

14%  of brides would wear a colored wedding dress

46%  of  brides preserve their  wedding dress for their children or grandchildren 

Do you agree with the statistics ? Are you brave enough to wear colored wedding dress and do you prepare second dress for your ceremony ?

What about me , well , I prefer classic wedding dresses style , the long one , fitted silhouette , short sleeve or sleveless , white color is not obligatory but it should be pastel tender colors , not bright one .

In this post for inspiration I will show you some of my favorite wedding and bridesmaid dresses from Newarrivaldress site , which is one of the  leading online sites who selling awesome  wedding and bridesmaid dresses ... Here you can find different silhouetes , colors , kinds of dresses for you celebration . Besides there is a big choice of wonderful wedding accessories like veils , hair pins , etc.
Now let"s see some of their long bridesmaid dresses , the most beautiful acccording to my choice ;)

All of the dresses look very elegant and feminine , and pastel colors make the whole look very tender and delicate.
Check Newarrivaldress.com  to find more wedding and bridesmaid dresses .
That"s all for todayy , see you in next post...

Thank you for your attention !

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