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Hi, friends! The theme of todays post is "Perfume" ;) As you know I love perfumes, all my post on fragrant theme you can find by click on tag "perfume" here. I would like to tell you about some new perfumes on the market , in lux segment , give you my opinion about each of them , and share with you which perfume is my favorite.

Well, there are quite a lot of new perfumes came to market last 3-4 months, both in niche and lux segments , but today I will talk about 4 of them , they are Idole Lancome , Libre YSL , Memoire Gucci and  Tubereuse Mystique Bvlgari . Two of them I don"t like at all, one is interesting , and one I love and already bought some samples ;) Anyway, I write here only my own opinion , so if you are not agree - this is ok, fragrance is too subjective thing , we all feel in different ways. So, let"s start...


Was created by : Anne Flippo & Carlos Benaim
Top notes :  mandarin orange , lavender, black currant , petitgrain
Middle notes : jasmin , lavender , orange blossom
Base notes : vanilla , cedar , ambergris , musk.

The bottle is beautiful. Sorry, but this is the only positive thing that I can say about this perfume. For me there is too much lavender , this is the main accord that I can smell. As a whole this fragrance is too "rough", heavy, I don"t feel it like whole harmonious composition ,  too masculine. I really suppose on mens skin it should be smells better . The perfume has strong sillage, but it doesn"t change on the skin and annoying . No, I don"t like it at all.

Was created by : Shyamala Maisondieu , Adriana Medina , Nadege le Garlantezec.
Top notes :  bergamot , pear .
Middle notes : rose , jasmin .
Base notes :  musk , vanilla. 

Sorry, my opinion will be negative again. Standart rose musky perfume with fruity accents, smells like hundred other perfumes, nothing special , boring , this smell would be good for shampoo or body cream , but for a perfume ...In 2019 this is not enough . I suppose a lot of women will buy it for every day use as this is "just ok" . But I definatelly will not buy it and don"t want to have it in my collection.


Was created by : Alberto Morillas
Top notes : chamomile , bitter almond
Middle notes : musk , jasmine
Base notes: sandalwood , cedar , vanilla.

So, what can I say about this perfume? This is ...my new favorite! I love it ;) This is delicate, meditative and relaxing , herbal smell , a little bit strange because of chamomile note, but especially this note makes perfume unique . The notes I feel the the most are chamomile, almond and soft musk. I think this perfume will not be very popular , this is too special and strange. And this is also an advantage ;) I appreciate the effort of Gucci to make unusual fragrance , more niche level than lux , I appreciate when creators try unexpected ways instead of standart rose+must , vanilla+must etc.
By the way , seria of perfumes Gucci Bloom also was incredible, all 3 perfumes from collection have their own character and smells gorgeous. I bought 2 samples of Memoire already and use it with great pleasure!


Was created by :  Sophie Labbe
Top notes :  black currant , davana
Middle notes : tuberose
Base  notes : myrrh , vanilla absolute

First of all I should say that I like Bvlgari perfumes as a whole, as well as the design of the bottles. In Splendida seria I especially love Jasmin Noir. This new fragrance smells interesting, notes of black currant and myrrh makes it a little bit different. The problem is that I"m not a big fan of tuberose, and here it smells stong as a main accent. That"s why I will not buy it to my collection. But as a whole perfume is wonderful , chic , good play on sweet floral notes. And this royal blue bottle is gorgeous.

Well, I hope this post was interesting and usefull. I shared with you my opinion, and maybe inspired you to test these new perfumes if you still did not do this. Maybe you also will fnd a new favorite !

Thank you for your attention !

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