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PERFECT SHAPE : Bodysuits corsets, shaping shorts ...Our secret helpers .


Hi, everyone ! Girls, this is post for you ;) Will talk about our "secret helpers" that allow us to look more slim , ideal  and helps any dress suits better by making our silhouette perfect. The are shaping shorts , corsets , bodysuits , etc. About all of them , how to choose and where to buy , we will tall in this post ...

Well , if you think that shapewear is something that necessary only for  plus-size girls and women 40+ , sorry , but you are wrong. It is not about excess weight , it is about helping us looking better and feeling more confident . Shawear is absolutely must have for every woman , as there are so many situations where you need it. For example , the material of the dress is very thin and this material demonstrates all disadvantages of your figure even if you don"t have them in reality! It can be silk or velvet , or something else. To be honest , I adore velvet dresses, as they always look so chic! But this is a fact (and I see it in reality, unfortunatelly) that velvet dresses make optical "+1 size" to your real size . That"s why I would like to be sure , that my silhouette looks perfect and dress suits well, exactly in such kind of cases shapewear can help. If you have any "figure disadvantages" in waist or stomach area - in this case shapewear again will be your "best friend" . A in lot of other situations.

Sometimes the problem is to choose your model of shawear , to understand what is better exactly for you . To show you all variations of shapewear I will use an illustration from leader online shop of shapwear Loverbeauty .  They know everything about women"s figure and ways to make it perfect . I will talk more about this site a little bit later , and now let"s see which kinds of shapewear we can find on the market ...

So, you can see : Bodysuits , Camis , Tanks, Waist Trimmers , Shaping Panties , Shaping shorts , Butt Lifters , Corsets . A lot of variations , that can "resolve" any problem with a figure. To be honest , I even didn"t know about all of these types of shapewear before prepating this post , so it will be informative  not only for you, but for me also :)

Well, let"s see what we have. Our first step was that we realized shapewear to be extremly useful thing in our wardrobe. Next step - we we have chosen kind of shapewear according individual figure problems and disadvantages. And now - we need to find where to buy it.

I strongly recommend you to buy such kind of things on professional sites, that are specialized only in shapewear and lingerie. Not on usual online shops with clothes , which also sell shapewear in addition.

As I mentioned earlier , Loverbeauty is a site that I can recommend as a good place with high quality shapewear and excellent service. They sell sexy shapewear  , offer free shipping on orders over 60$ and free exchange , which is extremly important if you make any mistake with a size , for example.
The sizes of shapewear are from S to 6XL, so even if you are plus size girl you will find everything you need.

I would like to show you some models from this site , so you can see how pretty they are...

Loverbeauty have now a lot of corsets on sale , so please check the site. For example , these two - black and white  ...

I really hope it was interesting and usefull post for you .

Thank you for your attention!

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