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Hi , friends! Today I will share with you what I usually put in my bag during autumn period. I have already made such kind of post , you can see it HERE. But a lof of things have been changed and now  I prefer something new  , so I hope this girly theme post will be interesting for you ;)

 Well ,first of all I would like to say that I love the most shopper bags , as because of big size I care in bag everything I need. Besides as I"m a mom of a little girl , I should have some things also for my daughter , like hair pins and wet wipes, etc, you will find it in this post below .
Let"s start with beauty theme. I always have in my bag lip balm , now I use this chocolate smell one from Lilly Drogerie. One lipstick , better in nude or neutral shades, like this one from Catrice (see my review for this Catrice Power Plumping Gel Lipstick HERE) .
For pocket mirror I use this Dior blush package, as well as my Chanel beauty round mirror, that I mentioned in previous post "what I have in my bag".

I love to have one or two perfume samples in my bag , now I use this one from Gucci. This new fragrance Gucci Memoire became one of my favorite perfumes for now , I even made a post here in blog about him and some other new perfumes on fragrant market , if you are interested see post HERE.

Wallet with cash and cards  , mine is from Parfois brand. I prefer medium or big sizes wallets. And another so called "beauty wallet"  where I care some hair pins for me and my daughter. My wallet is from Lanvin parfumes collection , it was a gift for perfume purchase. 

Wet wipes and usual cotton wipes are Must Have for me , especially when I"m walking with a daughter . You should always have opportunity to clean hands, as well as clothes ;) And wet wipes are perfect for these purposes. I also love antiseptic hand gel , I use this pink one on the photo, from Lilly drogeria. This hand gel is for kids, but I also use it for myself, it works great.

Another necessary thing for me (especially in autumn-winter season) is hand cream , small size comfy for bag. I prefer this on on the photo  Vivian Gray Beauty Orange Blossom . I buy it in DM drogerie, it gives deep moisture for dry hand skin and has awesome orange smell.

I hope this post was interesting for you , maybe you find some useful tips .....

Thank you for your attention!

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