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Hi , friends! In this post I will compare two black mascaras , that I use in the moment , will see advantages and disadvantages , and which of them is better .

Let"s start ! Two mascaras that we will talking about are RIMMEL VOLUME COLOURIST Extreme Black  and  BOURJOIS  VOLUME GLAMOUR MASCARA  .

Color : black. It's noticed on the package, that it's extreme black ....but no, just standart black.
Package : just ok
Brush: rectangular brush
Effect: standart. Cann't say that this mascara makes something special on my lashes. Dries nicely , doesn't irritate my eyes during a day.
But it makes clumps on my lashes! I hope you will see it on the photos (it wasn't very easy to make the photos that shows all details). I'm not very satisfied , this is standart mascara but it doesn't make extra volume (as were promised on the package) , besides lashes doesn't look very natural....My rank is 3/5 ...

And now my impression about BOURJOIS VOLUME GLAMOUR MASCARA .
Color : black
Package : pretty than Rimmel in my mind
Brush : more classic than in Rimmel, easier to apply .
Effect : more natural look as a whole. I cann't say that one of these mascaras give more volume or lengh, they are quite similar. But Bourjois is absolutely non clumpy mascara! Maybe the lashes could be more volume, but at least this mascara makes natural look and doesn't smudge during the whole day. My rank is 4/5 ...

In the end, I would like to say, that none of these two mascaras will not be my favorite and I don't plan to repurchase them. For now , my favorite brand of mascaras from mass market is still Max Factor.
Hope this post was useful for you! I adore such kind of posts where are compared two beauty products, and decided why not to make it in my blog .

Thank you for your attention !

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