среда, 1 июля 2020 г.


Hi, friends ! Today I will show you what I recently purchased from famous site Shein . It would be two decor things and pijama set.

I'm not a big fan of Shein , thete quite hard to find clothes of good quality , mostly I had peoblems with quality or size. But I purchased before some really good dresses for my daughter , and heard a lot good things about quality of home decor. Shein have really good choise of home decor from ceramic plates to pillow covers. This time I have chosen two things from organizer category , they are jewelry storages.
The first one is polygon jewelry storage with mirror bottom , surelly you saw a lot similar storages in instagram :) I also was inspired by Instagram design accounts and was searching for similar looking jewelry storage .This one looks very pretty in reality , quality is good , I purchased it mostly for saving there part of my parfums collection . The size is good , not too big or too small , looks stylish on the table in bedroom. I'm really happy with this purchase !

Another   one jewelry storage is this small pretty storage tray. It looks a little bit like a stone , but it plastic surelly. This thing is not so practic like previous one , but also stylish and can be used for some jewelry sets.

The last one was this pink pajama set . There are a lot of lovely pajamas on Shein , I 've chosen this leaf and crane print  set of shorts and shirt. This is really good and comfy , but for hot weather this shirt may be not the best choice because this is polyester and for me too warm . But shorts are perfect , I usually wear them at home in combination with simple cotton t-shirt , and this is great idea for home clothes - beautiful and comfy at the same time.

Thank you  for your attention !

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