четверг, 4 января 2018 г.


Hi, friends! Happy 2018! I hope you celebrated well Christmas and New Year , and I wish you all the best in this 2018! Still can not believe that 2017 is already finished. It was hard year for me, full of changes , life lessons and events, pleasant and unpleasant. But I believe that new year will surelly more happy, succesfull and  joyfull for all of us.
These holiday days were family time, spend it great with a lot of pleasant momets, smiles, log talking and making plans. Celebrating home , in cosy atmosphere , watching tv comedies and eating a lot of delicious home made dishes ;) I adore to make some food experiments and cooking new recipies on New Year . Because of pretty sunny weather we walking a lot of the town. Today I would like to share with you just some momets of these days. And I hope you also spend this time well ;)

Thank you for your attention!!

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