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Hi, friends! In last post of COLORmania we talked about black color meaning, discussed total black outfits and best combinations. Today let"s talk about opposite color - WHITE .

Traditionally, we will start with color meaning. So, WHITE ...First associations are cleanliness, perfection, humanity , softness...White is often used to represend simplicity and pureness, innocence. The color white affects the mind and body by aiding in mental clarity , promoting feeling of fresh beginings  and renewal . On the negative side, white can seem stark , cold and isolated . 

White is considered a powerful color in Feng Shui , a system of aranging your environment to create harmony. Colors are linked with feng shui elements and in a case of white , the element is expresses in metal. 

If we talk about WHITE in fashion world, I"m sure you first association will be white shirt , as a must have of almost every wardrobe . But I would like to show you today something different from outfits with white shirt or t-shirt. I have found chic TOTAL WHITE OUTFITS , as last time we talked about total black today I would like to show total white looks without color combinations. Surely , there is a lot of perfect color combinations with white (as well as with black) , but let"s see what we can make with only white pieces. Not so many people wear total white outfits, and maybe after this post , when you will see how stylish, sophisticated and chic total white looks are, you will be inspired to use more white in your wardrobe and your life :)

Thank you for your attention ! 

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