понедельник, 20 ноября 2017 г.


Hi , friends! Today let talk about one beauty product , that became my absolute favorite for this month , I use it every day and just adore it!! I heard about NYX beauty products a lot of good things from beauty bloggers on youtube , and finally decided to buy one of their products - SOFT MATTE LIP CREAM , color CANNES.
NYX has some different serias of matte lip creams , Lingerie seria was also interested to test , but for now I 've chosen this one on photo. I was worried about two
things : 1. matte lip sticks can make lips dry and they will not look attractive (I had this sad experience before) 2. worry about color - I want it looks natural , as more as possible. Well , my matte lip cream proves that if the product is of high quality and good texture there is no to worry about. It has so creamy and soft texture! So pleasant feelings , and no dry lips at all. To be 100% sure your lips look attractive with matte lipstick I recommend you to apply a little amout your usual lip balm 10-15 minutes before use lipstick. It will guarantee natural , soft  lip make up with matte lipstick. And this color CANNES is gorgeous and sexy (but not vulgar )! It's just alright both for daily and evening make up. I strongly recomment exactly this color , I think it will fit everyone. So I'm glad to discover NYX for me and test it , got absolutely positive experience and plan to buy more their products , and after will share with you my opinion ;)

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