среда, 9 августа 2017 г.


Hi, Friends! After 3 months of silence, of searching inspiration and solving some difficult life situationa I'M BACK! And I plan to continue with my blog, my head is full of new ideas, themes for posting and my computer is full of beautiful photos :) Also I decided to change a little bit style of my posts, and from now I will write only in englishq as my audience is mostly english speaking. Checking my statistics during these 3 months I was discovered that you still searching and coming to my blog even when there were no new posts, thank you for your interest and attention!
And the first post for summer 2017 will be about our small family journey to central part of Serbia , ZLATIBOR.
By the way , Zlatibor is quite famouse outside Serbia because of it's beautiful nature, great ecology, mild climate, gorgeous views and tasty traditional food. So, the aims of our vacation were relaxation (nature + spa in our hotel), rest from city life , and communication as female part of our family was gathered together finally (and it's quite rare ocasion because of living in different countries) :)
It was great time , and now I would like to show you a little part of our journey. Hope the photos will illustrate the harmony of this place and you will feel this relax atmosphere in Zlatibor...


Thank you for your attention, see you soon!!

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