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Hi, friends! Today I will share with you my opinion about new fragrance from Jo Malone , does it deserves to be a bestseller of the brand and woukd it be in my favorites or not.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt surelly is the most famous Jo Malone fragrance. I heard about it in youtube from beauty bloggers, read about it in fashion magazines and from interview with some it girls. I started my acquaintence with Jo Malone from fragrance Mimosa & Cardamom , and felt in love with this warm spicy feminine scent (read my post HERE) , and after that I became curious to try another Jo Malone perfumes, and I've chosen widely famous Wood Sage & Sea Salt. For now I have small 9 ml original bottle.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne was launched in 2014 , the nose behind is Christine Nagel . See notes below...

Well, what can about this fragrance ? This is really good, fresh and salty with little herbal sweeteness from sage and picant ambrette , very natural scent , really similar to the smell from the sea breeze . Very soft comforting fragrance , but forget about sillage - I can smell it only on my skin, not in the air atound me. About longevity - also not good, around 1.5 - 2 hours , after only light veil on skin. Very delicate scent , mostly only for yourself , for relaxation and comfort . 

I like this fragrance as a whole, it's quite original because of it's notes and natural feeling . But it will not be in my favorites and I don't understand why exactly this cologne became bestseller in Jo Malone. 

Anyway, I'm glad to use this fragrance and plan to try more Jo Malone in the future, as I appreciate their high quality and aesthetics .

Thank you for your attention ! 

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