So, you are in my blog and I suppose you want to know who I am? My name is Julia Nacheva, I’m 38 years old, mom of two daughters Sofi & Nikol . 

My blog is a place where I express myself, try to touch a lot of different themes, share with you my thoughts, experience and knowledges . I'm not interesting in posting just outfits , my sphere of interest includes travelling, photography, beauty and a lot of other things.

I have experience of living in different countries , I lived 5 years in Bulgaria , and 7 years in Serbia , love both these countries. Now I live in Belarus. This is extremly interesting life experience, and I appreciate it, as I love to explore new culture, traditions, food, learn foreign languages , as well as I like to explore new beauty products, style , perfumes. All these things I will share here , in my blog ;)

I’m in touch so if you have any questions, ideas or business offers please don’t hesitate to contact me by email.



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