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MIXED PRINTS : YES OR NOT ? Easy TIPS for mixing prints ...

Hi, friends ! Today will be fashion post and we will discuss mixed prints, is it wearable in real life or not, will see style looks that I found with mixed prints.

Well, I know people that don't wear prints at all , who like them but wear rare using just one print in the whole look (like me) and who bravely mix prints . I saw a lot of stylish look for this theme , and can make some conclusions :

1. Often mixed prints outfits realy look attractive, original and chic

2. If you are afraid and confused what prints can be mixed best, you can start with monochrome looks with simple graphic prints , for example white shirt with black polka dott + white skirt with black floral print.

3. You can take one print in different size for your top and bottom , for example, small size floral print on the blouse or top and big floral print (the same florals or similar) on the skirt.

4. You can mix two animal prints and it will look great ! Like zebra and snake prints for example, or anothet.

5. Graphic prints are the most easiest for mix, you can not go wrong.

6. Pay attention to the color more than to prints, mix colors not prints. You will feel yourself more comfortable when you wear usual and attractive for you color, even if it will contains prints 

Let's see stylish looks with mixed prints that I found for you in internet, and get new fashion ideas and inspiration ;) 

Thank you for your attention !

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