четверг, 16 ноября 2017 г.


Hi, guys! Today I will share with you some moments from one of our weekend leisure, there will be a lot of beautiful photos of autumn nature ;) Well, when it was still sunny and quite warm in Belgrade we made a little trip to one amazing and must see place near Belgrade that calls Ada Ciganlija. This is quite big lake , surrounded by park , with a lot of pretty cafes near water - so you can have a super relax time . And by the way in the summer here on Ada Ciganlija you can swim and have a sunbath, everything here is made for perfect city summer leisure.
But today in autumn you can just walking , looking on the water , drinking cappuccino with a view and just be close to nature. This is exactly was we were doing here. And for people like me who adore to make beautiful photos of the nature (and not just nature) you will find a lot of views for shooting ;) So, enought with words, lets just see the photos I 've made and enjoy this beauty of autumn nature.



 Thank you for your attention!

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