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Hi, friends ! The summer is hot and we must protect our skin from the sun. In this post I will share with you what are my favorite beauty products for skin protection . 

With this post once again I would like to notice how important to take care and protect our skin from harmfull and agressive UVA light. Both for you and your kids this is extremly important to find good sun protection beauty products. And I would like to share with you what I've chosen this summer season for me and my daughtet.
First of all, this is VICHY CAPITAL SOLEIL MULTI PROTECTION MILK SPF 30. This is creamy , soft texture body milk with pleasant smell, light yellow color, easy to apply and it doesn't left sticky layer on my skin. I'm very satisfied with this beauty product, I think 30 SPF is fully enough (at least here, in Bulgaria) and plan to continue to use it until the end of summer season.

Thd next one product is LA ROCHE -POSAY AFTER SUN FACE & BODY GEL .
 It contains La Roche- Posay thermal water , paraben free and very soft texture. Appropriate both for adults and kids , pleasant creamy smell , white color , thick texture but absorbs quickly.  In the situation of irritated after sun skin it helps really good . As well as Vichy cream, volume is 200 ml , so it lasts long and one tube of this after sun cream could be used for even two summer seasons.

And the last one skin care products , that I prefer always to have in my beach bag is AVENE THERMAL SPRING WATER. This is surelly not for sun protection , but for refresh your skin during a day this thermal watet is perfect! The bottle of 50 ml is quite small and doesn't take a lot place in your bag, so it's easy to take it with you all day long. I prefer exactly this one from Avene brand , not Vichy , La Roche-Posay or something else. My daughtet also loves it, for kids skin this thermal watet also perfect , so all our family use it.

I really hope this post was useful and interesting for you.

Thank you for your attention !

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