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Hi , friends! Today I will share with you my opinion about three face masks , that I tried during this week. It was so called "mask marathon" , and I made my opinion which of them are better working on my face.

By the way, such kind of post "masks marathon" you can find HERE.
Todays masks are : GARNIER MOISTURE + AQUA BOMB sheet mask , BALEA  purify mask with clay  and  L'OREAL PURE CLAY PURIFY MASK .

Let's start with sheet mask MOISTURE+ AQUA BOMB from GARNIER. Apply it like standart sheet masks for 15 min , then remove and massage rest quality of serum on the face.
Mask contains extract of grenade , hyaluronic acid and hydrating serum. Mask promises to provide super hydrating effect , the equivalent of 1 week of hydrating serum.
Ok, then, what is my opinion : this is good mask, easy to apply, the face looks a little bit more fresher , but nothing special realy. Surelly, it is not equivalent of one week of hydrating serum, this is nonsence, but as a whole this is just ok for your skin care routine. But I tried more efficient masks before, so will not buy this Garnier again.

Next one is BALEA purify mask, that contains Dead Sea mud, algae extract and cink. You should apply it for 10 min on your face, then wash with water. You can find these masks in every DM drogerie shops , they are quite cheap. And ...this is one of the best purify masks I even tried !! It makes my face very clean, fresh , bright and soft ! I adore it for deep cleansing and apply once a week, this is enough in my opinion. Strongly recommed you to try this maks from Balea, hope it will work on your skin simillar perfectly .

And the last one for todays's masks marathon is L'OREAL SKIN EXPERT PURE CLAY PURIFY MASK.
Face mask with Eucaluptys for Oily and Shiny skin to purify and matify . You apply it for 10 min and then wash with water.
First of all, I would like to say that on the face it becames extremly dry very fast, I can not wait 10 min as it's not comfy to have it on the face. Besides this, it 's normally ok, cleans well, but after apply this mask my skin doesn't look so perfect and super clean as after Balea. So I prefer to buy Bale's masksa and use them.

I don't know if you are agree and have the same opinion about these masks, and wanted to share my experience, as we all always are looking for the best skin care products :) Hope this post was useful and intetesting for you.

Thank you for your attention !

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