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Hi, friends  ! Again we will talk about color meaning and outfit ideas in your favotite (according statistics)  seria of posts "COLORmania" . And the color of the day is Light Blue !

So, Light Blue . We already talked about meaning of Dark Blue (see post Here)  , and now will discuss his pale shade .
What Light Blue means for you? My first associations are blue sky, fresh air , calmness and peace.
The color name "light blue" was first used in 1915, however, the color blue has been used since antiquilty.
According COLOR PSYCHOLOGY light blue is associated with trustworthiness and reliability. It also promote feelings of tranquility.

As always in "COLORmania" posts , I have found for you color palettes in order to see how combine light blue in the best way.

Now, when we saw which color combinations can be made, let's discuss how light blue could be used in every day outfits .
I like this color as light blue shade ( especially in top part of your outfit) makes fresh look .
Below you can find some stylish outfits with light blue , that - I hope - will inspire you for fashion ideas and expetiments. Enjoy :)

Thank you for your attention!

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