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Hi , friends! I'm afraid I becoming a beauty addict :) Have strong desire to buy and test new beauty products...But try to control myself ;) Today will share with you some of my recent purchases from Sephora store. I have already used both of these beauty products so able to tell you my opinion about quality and if you should pay your attetion to them or not.
Let's start with eye shadow palette. I was looking for palette with neutral, natural colors , mostly beige shades , that includes both matte and shimmer colors.  And this SEPHORA "IT PALETTE DELICATE NUDE" palette attracts my attention . First of all , package is so stylish - adore this pale pink faux snake skin cover . And I love this big mirror inside - it's very comfy when you apply your make up . Second point - and the most importat - included colors are exactly my dream colors, that I will use every day (exclude 2-3 colors of palette) . And what I can say about quality after 1,5 weeks using : great product! Good pigmentation , awesome looking color , that lasts long time (I tried it for 7 hours and it was ok) , adore shimmer colors the most , but matte are also cool for basic or for some common daily make up. Don't use just 3 colors of this palette but I suppose for 12 colors palette it's not a big trouble , so I can definatelly say that this piece deserves it's money ( about 30$) , quality is great and I recommend you to pay attention for this eye shadow palette if you are looking something for daily delicate make up.

My second purchase was URBAN DECAY VICE LIPSTICK , color Naked Cream. I heard a lot of good things about lipsticks of this beauty brand and finally decided to try it . I was looking for some nude delicate color and liked this ''naked cream''. Have already used it 5-6 times and have really pleasant impressions about this piece. First of all , it doesn't make my lips dry , even if I apply it without lip balm .  Second - lovely color . Can not say that it long lasting - if you eat somthing or drink you will ''loose'' the color immediately . But I don't think this is a big problem - in this case I just apply it once more and my lips look awesome again. Besides , I'm absolutely in love with this stylish metal package - looks so chic and modern! Lipstick has no smell , for me it's quite importat point . Well, what can I say as a conclusion - all good things that I heard about this lipstick are true, this is very good quality lipstick , color is also cool if you are looking nude like me, really love it! Surelly will buy one more in other color .


Thank you for your attention! 

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