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Hi, friends! This week I made for myself face masks marathon - during a week I used 4 different masks , tested which of them work good on skin or useless , and today will share with you my opinion. If you are interested than see the post below.

Well, brands of masks I"ve used are PERFECTA  , GARNIER  and  PUREDERM . As you probably know from my previous beauty theme posts , I"m a big fan of korean sheet maks that I apply in the evening so masks essence can work all night on my skin. I don"t believe that face masks that you apply on 15-20 minutes and than rinse with water can make the same effect...but , why not, I decided to try some of them , as beauty experiments are always welcome...

 Let"s start with PERFECTA. This is a polish beauty brand , you can find their products in DM drogerie , for example. First time I tried some of their products ocasionally being on vacation in Montenegro. I did not expect some special effect , but was absolutelly satisfied with their detox maks, that really refresh my skin and make it looks more healthy. And now I decided to try two face maks from this brand :

AZJAtica HIDRATATED MASKS is inspired by asian beauty rithuals , and promise to hidratate and refresh skin. It attracts me with ingrediants like centella asiatica (great ingredient for all who has sensitive skin, it calms good) , zhen shen and ceramids . Mask have soft creamy texture , light pink color , you apply it on clean face skin for 10-15 minutes and than rinse with water. After using this maks I can not see some special effect or very healthy or fresh skin look. That"s just ok , if you want make you skin a little bit more hydrated , but really nothing special...


 EXPRESS MASK WITH 24 CARAT GOLD : Mask contains hyaluronic acid , oligolift complex (produces an instant effect of lifted and smoothed skin) , 24 carat gold (for the youthful appearance of the skin). I applied it on clean skin for 15 minutes and than rinse with water . It has soft creamy texture , white color with illuminating gold pigments so when it dry on your skin it really looks gold , pretty :) But the most important thing is effect that it makes on skin, I really like it! Smooth skin, perfect hydrated , more healthy and , surelly because of gold pigments , skin has beautiful tone . Will surelly buy this mask again! This is perfect to use before some special events for example , as effect immediatelly appear after use . Recommend you to try!

 GARNIER PURE ACTIVE SELF HEATING MASK : I have already used this mask before so it was not surprise for me , that this product work really really good! If you have combination skin and want to clean it more propelly than with your usual cleansing foam or gel. Because of self heating effect this mask unclogs pores and leave the skin really clean and bright . I use it once a week , and fully satisfied how my skin looks after this. This product is already many years on the market, but if you still did not try - I strongly recommend you to pay attention.

PUREDERM  GALAXY  DIAMOND  GLITTER  BLUE  MASK  : Purederm is a korean beauty brand , I already used before some of their maks (bubble cleansing mask for example) and liked them a lot. This mask looks so unusual and attracts me with good ingredients like marine collagen and hyalluronic acid. This kind of peel off masks are invented in Korea and not only this brand sell them. If you know popular and expensive maks from GLAM GLOW (that were widly advertised by bloggers some time ago) so this is the same kind of masks , the idea was taken from korean brands. Well....this mask became a great dissappointment! :( After you apply it on the face and wait 15 minutes after it become totally dry , and start to peel off from the bottom of the face...the feeling was awfull. This is quite paintfull process , absolutelly unpleasant , and when I finally take it off from my face my skin was irritated and I had to use special calming toner . I don"t know what was going wrong...maybe this is not a product for very sensitive skin (like my skin) , or it was not dry propelly that"s why pell off process was unpleasant...but anyway I will never repeat this experiment and never buy it again :(

As a whole , I"m satisfied with my week beauty experiment and will buy again some of the masks , and surelly will try some new of the same type. Hope this post was interesting and usefull for you.

 Thank you for your attention!

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