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Hi, friends! With pleasure I would like to  share with you my impression of new perfume that I purchased recently for my collection. This is ESCADA ESPECIALLY ...

I love floral, feminine perfumes , but mostly I purchase and use perfumes with white flowers (especially love jasmin) . And I just decided that it"s a time to find floral perfume that have Rose as a main note. Rose , by the way, is not my favorite flower and her smell in a lot of fragrances doesn"t seem attractive for me. But I remembed that 4-5 years ago I loved one perfume from Yves Rocher , called "Rose Absolue". Yves Rocher is not usually a brand where I prefer to purchase perfumes...but that one was amazing ! Especially such kind of roses smell that I love, besides I used that perfume in important romantic period of my life. So , my dream was to find something similar, as I already lost hope to buy Yves Rocher "Rose Absolue" . When I saw  reviews on fragrantica for Escada Especially  (as you know I love this site , where I can find full information and reviews of perfumes) , and some persons noticed that this Escada perfume is very similar to that Yves Rocher fragrance , so I decided to try it , maybe this is what I really looking for . I purchased it and... Yes! :) It is very similar , absolutely lovely Rose arome with notes of Pear and Ambrette..

Here is official information of perfume ESPECIALLY ESCADA from Fragrantica.com. This perfume was launched in 2011 , the nose behind this fragrance is Jean - Michel Duriez .

Gorgeous rose & pear combination , soft feminine smell , ambrette adds light warm spicy accent . Sophisticated , sensual fragrance , romantic floral but not boring or standart. Pear and water notes makes it delicate fresh and uplifting  , and main rose note makes you feel like you have a gorgeous big bouquet of pink roses in your hands , you close your eyes and smell it ! 
Longevity and sillage are moderate on my skin, around 4-4.5 hours, that is fully enough in my opinion. I think you can"t get tired of this fragrance.
The bottle and package are also very lovely !

Thank you for your attention !

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