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BURBERRY VELVET Lipstick 429 Military Red

BURBERRY  LIP  VELVET long lasting matte lip color :   MILITARY RED  429

Hi, friends! In this post I will share with you my opinion about Burberry velvet lipstick in red color 429 Military Red...

Well, last few months I purchased some miniatures of lipsticks , one of them is Burberry lipstick, about this beauty product I will share with you my opinion. But first of all, I would like to say that buying miniatures is a great opportunity to test more lux products , when full size of them cost more expensive. Besides , if you want to buy lipstick in some bright shades , like pink or red, just for diversity and you understand that you will not apply them often - than miniature is more reasonable, as you surelly will never finish full size lipstick , so why to waste money on them ?
You can see my review for another new lipstick fromm Givenchy in THIS POST.
And now about Burberry Lip velvet long lasting matte lipstick. It was a blind purchase , but I"m very happy with it! I had no hesitates that quality will be great, but was thinking a lot about color. And finally I"ve chosen this awesome red color "Military red 429" , as red lipstick is absolute must have for me, even if I don"t use it often.
This red color is absolutely beautiful ! Texture is great, soft and pleasant, it doesn"t dry my lips. Package is so stylish ! This is my favorite lipstick for special ocassions. I strongly recommend you to pay attention for this Burberry lipsticks collection ! Hesitate about color or the price is too high? Than buy a miniature , like me, and enjoy gorgeous lux beauty product without "a hole"  in your budget ;)
By the way, if you are looking for red lipstick but you are not sure  what shade of red will suits you better - read my post "Red Lipstick : How to choose your lipstik color" , maybe it will help you...

 Thank you for your attention !

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