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Hi, friends!  Today we again will tall about color meaning , color combination and fashion ideas, that means that it will be new post from seria "COLORmania" (find all posts HERE) . And the color of the day is PINK ! So girly, feminine color. Let"s see what meaning has this color in psychology and what stylish and unusual combination can be made with pink.

PINK  is obviously associated with feminity and romantic. Pink shade is a combination of two colors - red and white - so it includes characteristics of boths of them. It gets passion and energy from red , and balance and tranquility from white. In color psychology , pink is a dign of hope. It is positive color, inspiring warm and comforting feelings , the sense that everything will be good. Pink has calming effect on people.
Pink fro a negative color meaning can represent a lack of will power, infantilism , can indicate an overly emotional nature. Combining pink with darker colors (like dark gray or dark blue) adds strenght and sophistication.

As usual , I found some color palettes with pink , let"s see which combinations can be made with this tender color.

And now we are going from theory to practics and will see how pink can be used in fashion looks , how fashionistas wear it and what color combination they prefer..

I really hope this post was usufel , and I inspire you on some fashion experiments ;)

Thank you for your attention!

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