четверг, 18 марта 2021 г.


Hi, friends! What is your first association when you say "Spring" ? Mine is "flowers" ! This is a time when nature wakes up , blooming time , romantic vibes in the air :) So why not to " plant flowers " on our clothes ? In this post I will show you stylish floral print outfits for your spring fashion inspiration ...

Floral print is quite popular way to show your feminity . It never goes out of style, and the fact is that almost every woman has in their wardrobe at least one piece with floral print. 

There is no recipes how to wear or combine floral print : you have to train your eyes and pick what suits your style .

You can choose floral print dress for romantic vibes , or combine floral print skirt with basic color sweater and ankle boots for comfy casual but feminine look. Graphic black-white tiny floral print , or big multi colored flowers on fabric - there are plenty of variations.

Let's see below which floral print outfits I have chosen for your spring fashion inspiration ;) ...

Thank you for your attention !

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