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Hi, friends! Today will continue to share my summer outfits from recent vacation in Montenegro. In this post you will see my favorite long dress, ideal for resort, and photoshooting with this outfit on the territory of our hotel in Petrovac.

In previous post of this theme (see post HERE) I"ve show you one of my favorite mini dress for summer vacation, but in this one you will see my favorite long dress - my must have for resorts. For me it"s not so usual to wear long dresses in summer in the city . When you are walking with small child or hurry up to make a lot of things in different city places long dress will not be the most cosy piece to wear (in my opinion). But when you are on the vacation, you relax, have calm life rhytm than I adore to wear this dress from russian designer Yudashkin. It"s made from natural material, white and blue print always reminds me some Greek theme ;) In this dress I feel myself so feminine, relaxing and just perfect. Because of it"s color dress is easy in combination with a lot of bags, sandals and accessories. So this is absolute must have of my summer vacation wardrobe. See the pics below, and I wish you all wonderful sunny summer day! ;) 

Thank you for your attention!

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