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Hi, friends! Did you ever used beauty products from brand Natura Siberica ? Some months ago I purchased two of them - Face serum and After sun gel , and in this post will share with you my impressions. Hope it will be interesting information for you if you stil didn"t test products of this beauty brand.

I heard a lof about NATURA SIBERICA as a brand that use a lot of natural components in their products, trying o make them not only effective in skin care routine but also "close to nature". It was interesting to test some of skin care products and I decided to start my acquaintance with SOPHORA JAPONICA FACE SERUM as at the moment I was searching for some light face skin care product , not too heavy for hot summer days. And another product that attracts me was AFTER SUN BODY GEL , as I planned my vacation in Montenegro and some body skin care cream/gel was required.

Let"s start with SOPHORA JAPONICA FACE SERUM . This serum supposed to minimizes pores, eliminates oilness , contains vitamin P that soothes skin, stimulates it"s regeneration and regulates lipid balance. What I can say after 1,5 months of usage twice a day: for hot summer this beauty product is great, as it really gives moisture and healthy-looking skin without being "heavy" on the face. I use it alone (without cream) after cleansing routine, and my face skin feels good. For other seasons like autumn and winter I would recommend to add day cream, as moisture will not be enought, this serum is quite "light" product. But for now I"m fully satisfied. It has liquid texture, light yellow color, and some herbal smell (not very pleasant for me, but ok as a whole). Serum contains a lof of natural components, which is great advantage. The size is 30 ml.

And the second beauty product of Natura Siberica , that I"ve tested is AFTER SUN BODY GEL . This is just my big love and must have of this summer! This supposed to be sos balm/gel for sunburned skin, but I use it just for smoothing body skin . Gel contains aloe, khanka lotus , panthenol and snow usnea, gel has cooling effect, which gives so pleasant feeling and relaxing! Awesome herbal smell, quite liquide texture and absorbs easy. The size is 300 ml, so you will use it long period. I adore this skin care product and strongly recommend you to try if you still didn"t do this, this is really gorgeous !

Thank you for your attention!

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