вторник, 14 июля 2020 г.


Hi, friends! Today I would like to show you one lipstick, that I've purchased recently and suppose it would be ideal nude lipstick color for natural style make up.

As we all know, this is hard to imagine natural every day make up without nude lipstick. My previous one from Catrice ( I wrote a review for it HERE ) has ended , and I was searching for the new one. And finally found this MAX FACTOR MOISTURE KISS , my color is "Burnt Caramel" 020.

I love everything about this lipstick! It's stylish package , beautiful color , creamy texture and light sweet caramel smell. It looks super natural on the lips , like your own lips but a little bit better :) This lipstick even has light volumizing optical effect, at least my lips with this color look a bit more plump and seductive.
This lipstick doesn't dry my lips , it 's not long lasting but I didn't meet longasting nude lipsticks in reality. I absolutely satisfied with my purchase (took it in Lilly drogerie for around 10$ ) , use it now in my summer make up, also will use it during all seasons as it's just perfect caramel color lipstick for natural looking make up ;)

Thank you for your attention !

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