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Hi , friends! Today I will show you new items in my perfume collection - set of miniatures of Giorgio Armani perfumes . There are 5 scents in awesome bottles , I will share with you my impressions as I already use all of them during a month and also will tell you some information about every perfume - if you are searching a new gorgeous one for your collection maybe this post will inspire you .

First of all, I should to say that I adore miniatures (and even decants and samples) of perfumes, because when waisting less money than on full size bottle you have opportunity to test more perfumes . There are so many masterpieces in fragrant world and I dream to test as much as possible (but surelly only with notes I love and definite perfume groups as I prefer , even brand is very important ) . And I"m not agree to have 3-4 perfumes and use only them, I want more :)))
The second reason why I love miniatures is that they are so cute and esthetic ! Besides when these small bottles become empty they can be awesome toys for your little daughter and became her treasure ;) This is from my own experience ;)

So, my collection of miniatures became bigger with this new 5 perfumes of G.Armani. I can say that I like them all as a whole , but some of them are my favorites. Let"s talk of them first.

"Si" by Giorgio Armani - I have concentration eau de perfume (black ) and eau de toilette (beige) . These fruity and femenine scents with main accords of black currant , vanilla  and patchoulli are my absolute love , love them both but feel the difference between EDP and EDT.

"SI"   EDP is a chic , warm , sexy smell and for confident ones , it has depth and character. This is ideal winter perfume , long lasting (you need just 2-3 drops or 2 sprays ), not for office or working place , this perfume like "air", in the open space , outside it will show you all it"s beauty . Wonderful for romantic date .
"SI"  EDT is very pretty , lighter version , good for every day use, for every situation . Fruits and powder are main accents that I feel , long lasting and very feminine . Pleasant scent that leaves you wanting smell it again and again.
I adore these bottles of "SI" , so stylish and beautiful , just look at them ....I think "SI" is a very high level for luxe perfumes , and my opinion especially "SI" EDP is better than some niche perfumes in the same perfume group, that I had.

"Acqua di Gioia" EDP : oh , that"s so nice! Imagine the smell of green mint tea with a lemon and you feel understand what is this scent about. This is fresh , citrus , clean , balanced and relax scent , I think this perfume is a little bit underrated , it really deserves more love and fans. Long lasting with moderate sillage , ideal for spring time and summer . The bottle perfect reflects the perfume"s character and idea. Love it!

EMPORIO ARMANI "DIAMONDS ROSE" : Thanks to ambrette note this perfume is not just simple rosy scent (rose + raspberry). This is delicate , floral-fruity , refined scent for all seasons . This is something like basic clothes in your wardrobe , if you hesitate which perfume to use today - you just take this one and feel yourself perfect. I just don"t like this bottle , this is too simple I suppose , it should be something more stylish and modern.

The only perfume from this Armani set that I don"t like is "ARMANI CODE"...This is not bad and have it"s fans, but for me the note of honey is a little bit unpleasant (I don"t like this note as a whole, not only in this perfume), scent is too sweet , stuffy , this is not in my style.
Well , I hope the post was useful and interesting for all perfume lovers! When I will have some new perfumes I surelly will share my emotions with you ;)

Thank you for your attention!

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