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Hi, friends! This post will be interesting for all nature lovers and eco tourism lovers ;) I will share with you photos and moments from our recent family trip to Vrdnik , Serbia.

Well, living in a big city often make you feel stressed and tired from cars, people , fast rhytm , and you dream to spend at least some days far away from here , in any quite place, enjoying nature and relax. Do you feel something like this? I feel myself a little tired from Belgrade and started to search in internet where could we go for eco trip , not very far from Belgrade. I love Zlatibor , and we were there some times already (see my post abot Zlatibor journey HERE) , but 4 hours way with a train is quite long . So , after searcing I found one lovely place - VRDNIK - situated near Novi Sad  , this is around 1 hour way  with a car from Belgrade. Vrdnik is a village with apx. 3.700 population , it  is located at southern slopes of Fruska Gora,  famous national park. I"ve chosen a little cottage to rent for 3 days , and it was a good choice. If you will go to Vrdnik, I strongly recommend you GardenLux Apartments (it "s called apartment on booking, but in reality this is cottage with your own entry). Very comfortable, good service, modern and new cottage, especially I love little garden and terrace with great view ...

In Vrdnik I recommend you to see Ravanica Monastery , which is located in the center of the village and can be found easy. Besides we liked just walking in the  village, enjoying peace and quite , and sounds of nature . You can find also some cafes, restaurants with national cuisine , open swimming pool - I suppose it works only in summer, also we saw big hotel Premier Aqua , where there is opportunity to come in spa and swimming pool even if you are not a guest of the hotel. You can rent a bike , also. So, this kind of rest is not for to see something special, to visit a lot of places or expensive restaurants. This is only about relax , nature and enjoying calmness. I suppose 3-4 days of this kind of rest will be perfect , if you stay longer it can be boring.
We spend great time, weather could be better , but anyway we liked everything ;)

Thank you for your attention!

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